How it Works

The new tool has a magnetic base of adequate strength to hold the unit in place. A loading and unloading port is provided so the disconnect plugs of the tool can be placed onto the pins, and then rotated into the locking channel. A spring is used to control the rotation of the center hub. It may be rotated to the next pin, or stopped between pins to lock all tools in place.

Development & Uses

Air chucks or blow guns are produced in large quantity with many styles and sizes. Although these air devices vary in style and size, they do have some common factors, almost all have 1/4" female pipe threads, into which most users install one of two common styles of disconnect plugs. Style T, a Tru-Flat design (automotive) and Style I-M, a Milton design (industrial). The I-M plug design has been adopted by most coupler manufacturers. The new tool is designed to hold both of the popular styles of disconnect plugs.

Places to attach the tool: tool boxes, air compressor frames, posts of auto lift, tool box of service truck, steel benches, wood frame buildings by using steel adapter plate, 4" round or square electric box cover, or any other metal surface

Potential users include auto dealerships, body shops, service stations, tire repair shops, truck repair shops, carpenter and cabinet shops, maintenance carts, independent repair shops, agricultural repair shops, farm and ranch shops, aircraft maintenance and repair shops, home work shops, or factory work areas.


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